Why do your Sina advertising with us?

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1. Authoritative:

We are the exclusive partner with Sina Weibo for its North American real estate account.
We are directly supported by Sina's customer and tech services.

2. Customized:

Your advertising materials are manually translated, culturally revised and effectively
displayed on Sina's popular platform house.sina.com.

3. Substantial:

Constantly over 350,000 real human visits to our Sina platform per month.

4. Affordable:

We have various plans to suit your needs and budgets.

Your first step to Sina Advertising - contact us if you fit the following descriptions
  1. Want to advertise on Sina or become an exclusive partner in your city on house.sina
  2. If your city is not on the home page of house.sina.com , it can be added through our exclusive partnership plans
  3. You have products or services related to real estate industry