• Frequently Asked Questions

A: China's largest microblogging social media platform. If you want to promote on social media in China you need to be on Weibo. Please see NY Times article and video below for great information on Sina Weibo.
If you are interested to know more about Sina Weibo, please click the link below. 



A: EML is the exclusive partner for Sina Weibo’s official North America real estate account

A: Weibo posts range from 5,000 views to 5+ million views.  With Weibo we can geotarget the locations and demographics of the viewers we want to reach.
A: You can do a single post starting at $100.
A: Basic translation is free. We also offer custom translation services.
A: We host online and offline events with our China real estate and media partners.
A: Sina is one of the largest Media and Technology companies in China. Sina owns Sina Weibo.
A: No. We have Mandarin speaking customer support in China and North America to assist with any customers when needed.
A: No. Your post will be posted on the official Weibo North America Real Estate account.  If you wish to follow the account you will need to open a Weibo account.
A:  Yes! We can assist you with easy instructions to set up your free Weibo account.
A:  All leads will have your direct contact information. Leads will be able to communicate through our Wechat app, and directly from the contact information you provide. Our support staff can assist in communication with leads when needed in China and North America.