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About eMediaLinks

Marketing to an audience who doesn’t speak your language and whose cultures are different from yours can be daunting.   This is where eMediaLinks (EML) comes along and bridges the gaps. It’s the only leading brand that effectively connects the North American real estate sector with overseas audiences in Asia.   EML is the exclusive partner with Sina Weibo for its North American real estate account.

Promote your projects online and offline on Chinese media and real estate platforms. Please fill out the contact form for more information.

Who can use our one-stop solution platform?

1. Builders or developers in North America
2. Residential and commercial realty companies
3. Real estate-related services or products like interior design, staging, furniture, kitchen, bathroom appliances or equipment, home security, entertainment, home insurance, mortgage lenders , any other household products.
4. Services or products for outdoor structures, maintenance, or activities such as landscaping, gardening, roofing, etc.
5. Softwares or games for home and interior designs or improvements.

Our Services

Weibo Advertising

Weibo is 微博 in Chinese meaning microblogging. Over the years, it has become a powerful marketing medium and loved by Chinese audience.

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Sina Advertising

Sina Weibo North America House Network – Promote your residential and commercial properties to a large Chinese audience in China and North America.

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Realsee -As Real As It Gets. We are committed to driving industrial evolution through digital space with the large-scale application of VR.

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