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eMediaLinks has partnered with the largest real estate company, platform, and technology firms in China and North America to provide our customers with unparalleled access and tools for promoting and selling their properties to a global audience.

Sina is a leading Chinese online media company providing a wide range of information and entertainment content, including news, sports, finance, and lifestyle. It also operates the popular microblogging platform, Sina Weibo.

Sina’s business model is based on advertising and it works with a range of advertisers to provide targeted advertising solutions across its platforms. With a strong presence in China’s online media landscape, Sina is well-positioned to capitalize on the country’s growing digital economy and increasing demand for online content and advertising.

Weibo is a popular Chinese microblogging platform, often described as ‘the Twitter of China’.

With over 580 million registered users, Weibo is a social media giant in China, offering a variety of features and services to its users, including microblogging, photo and video sharing, messaging, and more.

Weibo is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to connect with audiences and stay up-to-date on China’s latest news and trends.

Realsee revolutionizes businesses by digitally replicating physical space and incorporating AI technology. As a leader in digital space integrated solutions, they have served over 190 corporate clients across 27 countries and regions, spanning 9 major fields such as real estate and hospitality.

KE Holdings Inc. (“Beike” 贝壳) is China’s leading online and offline platform for housing transactions and services. It offers a range of services, from home sales and rentals to renovations and financial solutions, and holds the largest market share in online housing search in China.