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Weibo Marketing

Looking to target overseas Mandarin-speaking audiences?

Weibo has a strong influence on Chinese culture and society, making it a valuable platform for businesses looking to build brand recognition and engage with Chinese consumers

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Our exclusive partnership with Sina Weibo, the leading Chinese microblogging website, offers the perfect platform for successful advertising and branding in North America. With over 580 million active users, Weibo surpasses Twitter in market influence and user numbers.

With over 96% of users accessing Weibo via mobile, the platform provides unmatched reach to active, on-the-go Chinese audiences all over the world. 

Reach targeted mobile users in real time through Weibo! With over 580 million registered users, Weibo grants you access to the largest Chinese-speaking social media audience worldwide.

Weibo can give you a competitive advantage in the Chinese market, where social media is an essential part of everyday life.

Weibo has proved to be an effective and powerful social media platform that can be an excellent tool for real estate agents and developers looking to reach a large targeted audience of potential investors from overseas.

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