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How Well is Weibo doing against other social media in China?

Tanya Gray

Posted on 18 July 2022


About ten years ago, more than 20 microblogs in China were fighting for their seats and brand expansion. How Well is Weibo doing against other social media in China?

After a decade of fierce cut-throat competition, Weibo, formerly known as Sina Weibo, became the leader, with no other microblog media coming close to its brand recognition and revenue. Below are the Top 10 Microblogs in China.

Note: CIIS is short for “Corporate Internet Identity System.” The CIIS of China is a complete ranking index system released by the Internet Lab in cooperation with the National Bureau of Statistics. It is a comprehensive ranking index system mainly used to monitor the cyclical fluctuations of China’s Internet economy.

According to the latest survey of “Ranking 123,” a website that relies on the big data of the whole network, Weibo ranks #2 in the “Top 10 Social Media Brands Ranking.” The rankings below are based on each social media’s brand index and revenue from sales.

To many, Weibo is a well-known social media brand from China. It is:
1. the largest domestic entertainment and leisure life service information sharing and exchange platform,
2. media monitoring and tracking of breaking news, and
3. a respected Internet brand in mainland China and the global Chinese community.

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