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I am a very busy person due to my vast amount of work load. I could not take care of all the details of marketing and this is where E Media Links serves best. I could not believe I have their quality service at a very affordable price. Highly recommended!

Angela Wong

1. Weibo Real Estate Expert – Los Angeles; 2. Chief Advisor, Global Luxury Real Estate,

I published an article per week because I believe in content marketing is the trend. Working with E Media Links for Weibo social media marketing, I save my time in creating images for my article. Most of all, I can have someone from EML check my Chiense and edit my writing. Weibo social marketing is quite effective. From time to time, I have audience from Weibo asks me real estate questions in Canada.

Tina Mak

Founding President of Asian Real Estate Association of America, Vancouver Chapter,

I have been working with E Media Links (EML) for quite sometime. They are very helpful in many ways, no matter it is about our contents for ads or sharing tips for obtaining clients or new products to improve our listings’ presentation, EML is there for us. We would recommend EML to anyone who needs a marketing partner in Asia.

Lynn Yuan

Developer Austin, TX,
Real International

Sina is the website I have been using since I was a child. Till now every day I still use it. I hereby have the great opportunity to exclusively take care the Sina northern American Real Estate Blog, and its Weibo platform. Sina is the best opportunity for my professional field and Weibo is the best social media to expand your barn, both platforms have enabled people to learn more about our Montreal real estate market, which is the biggest bilingual city in the world.

Zhong Qiang 钟强

The first Chinese as the top listing agent in Canada.

Working with E Media Links for Sina and Weibo marketing is a pleasure. There are a lot of restrictions for doing marketing on Weibo and we are lucky to have E Media Links on our team. They save a lot of frustration for us. Highly recommended!

Jue Wang

Top Realtor of Atlanta,