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How eMediaLinks helps your visibility on Baidu, the search engine giant in China?


Posted on 18 January 2022


According to a recent report from StatCounter, a Dublin, Irland based company, Baidu is still the search engine giant in China. Overall, it has an 85.48% market share regardless of the devices used for web search.

Bing took second place with a 4.44% market share, and Sogou with 3.66%, clinched the third. Surprisingly, with China government’s censorship, Google still can rank as the 4th search engine in China. 

The web search data was collected by StatCounter from January to December 2021. Please note that “StatCounter statistics are directly derived from hits—as opposed to unique visitors—from 3 million sites, which use StatCounter,” according to Wikipedia.

We are clear about the advantages of being able to be searched on Baidu because it is a primarily used search engine in China. However, for small foreign companies, it is hard to be found on Baidu because their websites are not indexed by Baidu. In this case, unless the Chinese use a VPN or other apps to sneak out of China’s government supervision, they can’t search for small foreign companies’ information on Baidu. 

Here is an easy way for you to be heard, seen, and talked about on Baidu – as a foreign entity, you can simply achieve the goal through our Weibo platform. Just take this as an example, someone saw the name of our partner Tina Mak 麦文华 on a banner or a flyer and wanted to find out more about her on Baidu. The person just has to enter the keywords Tina Mak 麦文华, and Baidu will display Image #1 on the first page. The red arrow in the image indicates the search result with the desired keywords from our Weibo publication. If Canada follows her name in Chinese as the keywords, the search results are even more comprehensive just like Image #2.

Image #1: Search result with keywords “Tina Mak 麦文华”

Image #2 –

Tina Mak 麦文华 加拿大 (Tina Mak’s English and Chinese names with Canada in Chinese)

Now, let’s take a look at another partner of ours – “Spencer Hoo 胡世琮”.

Please note just because you publish something online does not guarantee to get a search engine’s attention. You need to do more to be heard and seen. Our platform on China’s social media giant Weibo is the easiest and most economical way to help you get you under the public’s eyes.

Come join us! Your shortest distance to your Chinese audience is right here waiting for you. Contact us today for your future success.



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