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eMediaLinks.com 一米缔传媒 Expanded its Weibo and Sina ad services to more U.S. cities


Posted on 26 February 2022


The Weibo account for BeiMeiDiChan has grown to more than 1.23 million subscribers since eMediaLinks acquired the account more than three years ago. The number of its daily visitors has repeatedly hit new highs every week.

What a gratifying report card! We are prosperous but not arrogant, and we work hard without complacency. We humbly embrace a grateful heart. We are grateful to our team members for their solidarity, and to our partners from the North American real estate industry.

We have been lucky to work with all kinds of savvy people. Currently, they provide valuable information and listings of North American real estate. They are well-established agents in the following cities:

United States

East: Boston, New York, Atlanta
West: Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, California
South: Austin, Houston, Dallas
North: Boise, ID (Boise, Idaho)


Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto




eMediaLinks.com is expected to add 7 more metropolitan areas in the near future to meet the heating demand for North American real estate from.

eMeidaLinks is committed to achieving such a beautiful vision but challenging expectations, and providing diversified services related to real estate with brand development in mind. We are determined to spread our partners’ brands louder and farther. ​​​​

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