• Simple Steps to follow for Your Weibo and Sina Advertisings thru eMedialinks

Thank you for choosing us and welcome to our community. 

We’re determined to see your success in the real estate business. To get started, we would like to orient you with the following steps and materials required to set up your business page on House.Sina.com.  

What do you need to get started with Sina.com?

1. One to three intro banners – 728×90 pix
Content: scopes of your business, core values, or advertising language

2. One to three focus banners – 465×30 pix
Content: featured listings
Extra information: addresses or advertising language

3. Photos of two to four agents- 116×124 pix
Extra information: Angests’ names, titles, and contact info.

4. All banners and photos will be linked to your preferred URL

5. Number of Initial listings: up to 12
Attached is a screenshot of our sample Sina page so you can better understand where we will place your banners.

How to upload materials for Weibo or Sina advertising?

Go to eMediaLinks.com and then follow the simple steps as illustrated below.

Step 1: Click “Customers”
Step 2: Click
“Property” for listing,

“Article” for Article only. Please note a listing also can be presented as an article. In an article, you may add a video and several images to the content.

“Video” for video only. Weibo is encouraging video marketing.

Step 3: Enter your ID and Access Code to start.

When “Property” is clicked, remember to check the box located in the middle of the page, if you want the particular listing to be posted on Sina.